Big high-end CPU? No problem – just use the Liquid MetalPad!

Current processors from Intel and AMD are getting bigger and bigger, which causes great difficulties for PC users in terms of cooling. With our normal Liquid MetalPads, the PC users could only laboriously cool the oversized processors. But with our brand new Liquid MetalPads for high-end processors, this is no longer a problem!

With a fabulous size of 67 x 50 mm, this Liquid MetalPad even fits on the huge AMD Threadripper to create an optimal connection between processor and CPU cooler. Brilliant? We also find that! Therefore, access now – in the Coollaboratory online store and shortly at the local computer retailer!

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It’s getting hot!

Coollaboratory Liquid UltraIt’s getting hotter every day and a lot of computer systems are close to their limits. Don’t wait! Upgrade your system now for a better cooling.

No matter which thermal compound you’re choosing – every product from our liquid metal series offer an absolutly high performance and helps to cool down your computer system!

You want to try? Just order the wished item(s). Of course we’re shipping worldwide!

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NEW: Coollaboratory Liquid Copper

liquid_copperThe Coollaboratory Liquid Copper is a high-end- heat conduction paste for the usage on all materials. The heat conduction paste consists of a complex matrix of silicone with quality like in industry applications and also high-purity micro-copper particles (99,9%).

Whether computer, notebook or even gaming console – the Coollaboratory Liquid Copper is the ideal partner for the cooling!


Hot review and news for using the Coollaboratory Liquid Pro in latest processors

As known the latest processors become very hot, therefore it is important to produce relief to this problem. As a japanese review has shown, is the product “Coollaboratory Liquid Pro” the best choice and can provide a clearly better cooling perfomance when using the new processors.

You can find more information about this at the japanese review and at TechPowerUp!