Marketing / Press

Coollaboratory could celebrate fast successes after the sensational start in 2005 with the world-wide first thermal compound made of metal and constituted in shortest time the reference of the thermal compounds at the market. Until today the Liquid Pro and the Liquid Ultra are with their unique composition a guarantor for successful overclocking and extremely good cooling characteristics.

Coollaboratory would like to offer gladly the possibility of submitting the products of Coollaboratory to an objective test to the numerous print and web magazines world-wide. The supply of free test samples is possible usually within short time by our numerous distributors or by a direct dispatch.

Please send us in case of a planned test report a short inquiry by email, in which you can present the appropriate print or web magazine and inform us about closer details.

Are test samples free?

After receipt of an inquiry, it will be checked for sure as quickest possible. In principle Coollaboratory is always open-minded about new test reports and would like also support smaller print and web magazines with free test samples.

Is there something to consider with a test report?

Our products are laid out on the highest performance possible with outstanding quality, whereby we always try to merge innovative technologies by the development of products. Therefore it is compelling necessary that our detailed manual is followed by a test report. We also offer hints and tricks for testing and usage of our products on this website. Only on observation to the advices and manuals an optimal performance is warranted.

How a typical error could look in a test report?

Our thermal compounds and – pads made of metal represent the absolute reference within the range of the heat conduction media. Due to the structure and composition they provide an optimal surface after the removal. Therefore the products of Coollaboratory should be always tested at last in a test report. If this is not done, the following thermal compounds profit clearly on the base of silicones, oxides and something similar of the surface treated with liquid metal. This represents a typical and already several times occurred problem at reviews.

Important: Exclusively the ORIGINAL Coollaboratory products offers all characteristics applied by us. Please do not confound it with products of other offerer, even if optics or composition appears similar. The Coollaboratory products are not sold among other names and also not passed on to third to the sale under other names.

Such offers are not the ORIGINAL Coollaboratory products and that could cause problems. Likewise alternative pastes were partially offered with fewer contents, without an added manual, blister package, grinding pad, cleaning tissues and cotton buds.

Therefore please make sure that you have acquired an ORIGINAL Coollaboratory product. If you should not be sure whether your acquired product is the original, please contact the dealer, in order to let confirm this.